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About Jim Butcher

By "His Sissy"

Jim Butcher This "about the author" may be a little different from what you're used to. Mainly that is because the author, Jim Butcher, is my baby brother and I have a different view of him.

Jim was born in Independence, Missouri. Most people think of it as Harry Trumansville because it is the hometown of Harry S Truman, the President that dropped the bomb.  

Jim Butcher

If you're too young to know which one, go ask your Dad.  I wonder why the main character in STORM FRONT is named Harry? (ha,ha)

Jim grew up in an average American household with Mom ,Dad, and two older sisters that doted on him. He was reading the Codex Alerapaper at 3 years and started writing at 6. He grew up on Star Wars, and saving the universe,  and knowing who the bad guys were.


Imagination kicked in early for Jim,  He would tell stories before he could talk (mostly giant birds) and he still is telling stories, they're just longer now. 

In some ways, Jim is all modern. He is a whiz on a computer and toyed with engineering for a while. But he really should have been born in the middle ages.  He would have made a great Knight, and he's even better with a sword than computers.  He can ride a horse standing up, and flipping, and all that .  He loves a good martial arts fight.  Kind of a cross between Hercules and Sir Lancelot.

I think he is a great Father, and his wife (who is gorgeous  and smart) hasn't killed him yet, so he must be an O.K. Husband.  As brothers go, I love him a lot and he's a  fun to have around, when he doesn't have his nose on the computer screen, or his finger on the palm pilot.

STORM FRONT is the first book in the the Dresden Files and was published in April 2000. 

FOOL MOON is the second book and came out in January 2001. You can read the first two chapters here at the Wizards Harry. 

The third book is GRAVE PERIL previously titled KNIGHTMARE was published in October 2001. (I have serious suspicions about a character in this book and who it might be after,  but I'm not telling. )

The fourth book SUMMER KNIGHT  Is now on the shelves at your local bookstore, You can read the first chapter here and then go crazy until You can get a copy.

The fifth book in the series is at the publishers at this very moment. Unfortunately, it wont be published until the fall of 2003. I have a serious problem with waiting a whole year for my next Dresden fix do you?

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