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Harry Dresden Book Reviews:

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

Fool Moon Review  five stars
by  Martina 

It's official! Jim Butcher has a hit series on his hands. Fool Moon, the much anticipated second book in the Dresden Files series, does more than live up to fans' expectations: It exceeds them.  This book rocks, fulfilling the lofty precedent set in  Storm Front for fast paced action, witty dialogue, a riveting plot line, compelling characters and, most of all, it's endearing protagonist: Harry Dresden, a  wisecracking gumshoe wizard with a heart of gold and just enough of a dark side to keep things real.

Fool Moon returns to the alternate -reality version of modern day Chicago as introduced to readers by Harry in book one, an unsettling yet exciting world of both everyday familiarity and film-noir style fantasy where chaos results when paranormal forces interact with a mostly disbelieving humanity.   It's this disbelief that keeps business in a slump for the windy city's only professional wizard. Thankfully Lt. Karrin Murphy, head of the Chicago Police's Special Investigations unit, has experienced enough weirdness on Chi Town's mean streets to know that the paranormal threat is very real.

Determined to save lives at all costs and faced with having to solve crimes that go beyond the scope of forensic science, Murphy usually turns to Harry for help.  But in Fool Moon Harry discovers that Murphy is forced to risk her badge to bring him in on a murder investigation after an editorial in a local paper criticizes her use of public funds to hire a "charlatan psychic" and Internal Affairs begins probing into her suspected connection to the Chicago Mob through her past involvement with Harry.

Time is running out. Evidence found following a series of gruesome murders leads Harry to believe that a pack of werewolves is on the rampage in the city, and with only a few nights of bright moonlight left, the wizard is in a race against the clock to put an end to the slaughter or lose the trail until the next full moon.

Fool Moon is solid entertainment that leaves readers with that all- to-rare sense of deep satisfaction that comes from getting your moneys worth. New readers will discover the thrill of riding shotgun with Harry and returning fans will enjoy the hints scattered throughout the novel that unearth more of Harry's rebel past, in particular a closer look at the events that lead to the Doom of Damocles, a form of probation placed on him by the White Council who oversee the ethical use of magic in the world of the mundane.

I look forward with great anticipation to the next book in the series, and
to watching Jim Butcher become a household name in fantasy fiction.



Fool Moon Review five stars by Chris

Harry Dresden, Chicago's only openly practicing wizard, is called on once again to consult on a case for Special Investigations. It seems simple enough at first. A dead body. Bloody paw prints. A full moon. You do the math. But nothing is as simple as it seems in Harry's world, and the killer might not be who, or what, you think.

Karrin Murphy, head of Chicago PD's Special Investigations Unit, has seen enough to realize that monsters and magic are very real, and that Harry knows more about it than anyone she knows. She's just not sure she can trust him, especially with Internal Affairs breathing down her neck about using the services of a "charlatan" who many think has mob connections.

This novel has a "noir" feel to it, with a healthy dose of Harry Dresden's
patented sarcasm and dark humor. Such as this line from a villain:
"Dresden. I should kill you right now." Which is followed by Harry's
response: "Try it," I said, and thumbed back the hammer of the gun. "But after the loud noise, remember to keep going down the tunnel and toward the light."

We get more tidbits about Harry's past  including hints of the events
surrounding what happened that led to the Doom of Damocles (basically a wizard form of probation) being placed upon him, though the whole story is still unclear. Some of the information revealed even Harry himself didn't know, and hopefully will be followed up in future books.

Though I don't think it's required to read Storm Front to understand the
story of Fool Moon, I highly recommend reading them in order. Actually, I just recommend reading them as soon as possible, and I look forward to seeing what chaos Harry Dresden finds himself in next


Storm Front  Review  five stars by the Wizard!

Jim Butcher Does It Again
The second book of The Dresden Files starts with Harry Dresden on a diet of ramin noodles, so brokehe has to look up to see the bottom. Then, a strange spell on a sheet of paper and a curious student tempt him with a steak dinner. The action goes a fast pace from there on. Trouble comes, not only from biker gangs and
mobsters, but from mysterious wolves that are not wolves. Murders come fast
and furious and when Murphy's cut out of the loop, she does her best to put Harry in jail. Then, as if things weren't bad enough, the FBI jumps into the madhouse with both feet.
Maybe Harry says it best.  'A mangled corpse in the middle of a blood-drenched floor. Berserk FBI field agents drawing guns and shooting to kill. A little kung-fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats. It was just one more night on the job.'

Are the Good Guys good or bad? Are the Bad Guys good? The twists and turns of this plot will keep you guessing right up until the very end. Just one warning, don't start it too close to bedtime. You can't put this book down.

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