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Browse the screensaver collection below and click on the screensaver you want. We have both Harry Potter and Harry Dresden Themes and Savers so help yourself, as a gift from your friend, The Wizard.


Dresden Files Screensavers!

Storm Front Screensaver Screen saver based on the sci/fi fantasy novel
STORM FRONT by Jim Butcher This is the first novel in the Dresden Files with the wizard
Harry Dresden.
Animated lightening and thunderstorm sound file

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Screen saver based on the sci/fi fantasy novel FOOL MOON
by Jim Butcher (due out in January 2001)
This is the second book in the Dresden Files. So far the reviews are excellent.
The screen saver plays creepy organ music while it gets darker and darker and the blood drips down the windowsill.

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Fool Moon Screensaver

Desktop Theme

Storm Front Desk Top Theme Desktop theme based on the sci/fi fantasy novel STORM FRONT
by Jim Butcher.  The theme includes some pretty harry sound files (pun intended) Icons, cursors, and the
Storm Front screen saver.(above)

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Fantasy Art Screen Saver based on the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. A Wizard a Witch and flying dragons make this magical screen saver fun as well as beautiful. Watch for the matching desk top coming soon!

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Harry Potter Screensavers


HOGWARTS IN  THE WINTER is a screensaver based on what The Wizard thinks it must be like to be at Harry Potter's school when the snow is falling. It must be, even in the winter, a place of Magic, Mystery, and of course, Dragons!


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Screensaver based on the boat trip to Hogwarts school in the first Harry Potter book HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE by J.K.Rowling. It has some pretty magic-y sounds with waves and a few other surprises

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Hogwarts school screensaver


Harry Potter Kids Screensaver HarryPotterKids.exe
Screensaver based on the transformation of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint into Harry Potter, Hermione,and Ron. Some great magical Mozart background music.

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Harry Potter Christmas.exe
Christmas at Hogwarts has got to be wild. Here's the interpretation of the Wizard of what it would be like

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Harry Potter Christmas screensaver


Hogwarts Hall screensaver Hogwart's Hall.exe
 This screensaver is based on The Wizard\s idea of what it looks like in the halls of Hogwarts School where Harry Potter goes with his friends Hermoine and Ron.

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Do you want an owl like Harry Potter? Based on the owl post in the JK Rowling best selling series. Sound bites, icons and screensaver included.

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An owl for Harry Potter


More owls for Harry Potter Do you want an owl like Harry Potter has? Here are a few owls gathering the post

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